Retail Storys

United States
May 11, 2010 4:17pm CST
Ever had a job were theirs some interesting things that go on or just that you have experienced or heard about? Well when working in retail you see lots of stuff common to not so common. Lets start of by telling you about seeing people who looked like they were Amish. The family wife had on her bonnet and dress as did the little girl as for the husband he had on overalls with that farmer face. It seemed they didn't even pluck their browse because the little one looked as if to have a uni brow. Its something you don't see every day. The other thing wich I think is kool is to see nuns shopping for food. A group of sisters looking for stuff in their nun outfits. Here's a time to drive this lady driving a motor cart getting stuff got up to get an item and one of the employees sayed mam your carts on fire. A flame or to was their strange hu? One time their was a man who asked me were old spice was because as he put it he wanted to have fun with the lady's and wanted to smell good for them his last words were thanks and I'm a sexy man can't wait to put on my charm. That was funny I can't believe someone would do such a funny thing, but on the other hand sense working in retail I now can. Those are just some of the experience. The things I have heard about are a thief who stole beer at a certain time and finally got caught now why in the world would you steal something at a same hour and finally get caught. People don't notice these things do they now? Finally I will tell you a comical one Christmas time and some one found commodes in a box then days months went by and found a pregnancy test by that area. Seems the thief had a new issue. Those are just some story's to tell join me again when their will be more good night America.
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