Be the CEO of your life!

May 11, 2010 5:58pm CST
When the joy of doing what you want to do suffuses your life, you will feel an extra bounce in your step and a keener power of observation, a deeper understanding of what's within and what surrounds you. It is then that you will question all that you have accepted blindly so far. You will question prevailing wisdom, bust old paradigms,challenge social conventions and assumptions. You will learn to believe in yourself and develop your own perspective on life. You will assert your own sovereignty. Loving yourself will fill the love, bliss, light, inspiration and positivity in you. You will learn to do the unexpected, to think big, think lateral, think mosaic! Many a times we do something which does not fall in the categary of our interest but we do because it was needed that time. Let us together move towards higher levels of fearlessness and creativity. Let us look at life more for opportunities than constraints. Let us keep shedding limitations and keep raising the bar. Each one of us can be the CEO of his or her own life! Do you agree with me, yes or No with the reasons?
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