Nigerian Senator marries a 13yr old!!!

Alhaji Yerima, Maniac Yerima, Senator Yerima - Alhaji Yerima, Zamfara State Governor, Marries a 13yr old girl!
@davido (1623)
May 11, 2010 10:35pm CST
Hello before we start the discussion note this is not issue about Nigeria alone so dont go on accusing or abusing Nigeria..its about an ignoble individual named Alhaji Yerima. This guy was a governor in one of the Northern states of Nigeria and he started the Sharia rule of law there where a lot of poor citizen were taken to the Sharia court and thus have there limbs severed (cut off)...links on Facebook. This guy was later voted into the senate (only God knows how!) . Now he allegedly 'married' a young girl of 13 Whom he paid $100,000 to the parents to 'buy' the girl. The girl parents happened to his driver. A petition has been opened against this man: Is he sane? what do you think about the man? he claims he did his after a 'prophet' so he has committed no offense! Note: This is not about saying evil, downgrading things about Nigeria. True Nigerians are not in for this man. (Haters beware!) You will see his pics here.
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