Do you think Manny Pacquiao is good looking?

May 12, 2010 6:03am CST
I had this very interesting lunch with colleagues today. We started off discussing politics, they asked me if I participated in the recently concluded elections. Then my Malaysian colleague asked if Pacquiao won. Then my Singaporean colleague all of a sudden said "Pacquiao is so handsome!". I never really thought of Pacquiao as handsome, I still don't. But how about you do you think he's handsome?
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@hisoka147 (606)
• Philippines
12 May 10
I don't think that Mr. Manny Pacquiao is that good looking enough but I guess that Singaporean friend of yours might just had mis-interpreted what he was trying to say. I think what he wanted to say should be "Pacquiao is so Strong!" or something similar into that term.
• Netherlands
13 May 10
At first that was what I thought, but she really reiterated that Pacquiao is really good looking, she even asked me, "Don't you think he's handsome?"