Do you know who is this guy?

May 12, 2010 11:15am CST
This is my ugly country president.oh god i really ashamed.... I think I lose all my friends on mylot I want to know do you heard about iran politics problems in 6 month ago about election? do you heard about people rejections in iran about him? I want to know this news came over the world? and at last if you heard, what do you think?
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@urbandekay (18312)
12 May 10
Time to sort out your political and paypal problems with one hit, thinks I. Kill two birds with one stone as we say all the best urban
• India
12 May 10
i have seen this man with respect. When he managed to become PRESIDENT of your country. I remember to have read that he was a school teacher before he tried politics? And, if you are personally suffering, in your country, it is because of the entire dirty world of politics, and not just this person. The only country to have dropped not one but TWO nuclear bombs on human population is USA... and, we still respect the presidents of USA. so, that is the world. We are always friends here in my lot. You NEED not worry about losing some. If at all some removes you from their list, it shall be their loss. Good luck. You seem to need it more.