KGB Curiosity

@Jadxia (39)
United States
May 12, 2010 12:45pm CST
I am curious if anyone else here has worked for KGB, otherwise known as Basically it is a service where you text them a question and they send you an answer for 99cents. I have been working with them since Decemeber and not only have I seen the shift get fuller much faster, but I have watched my earnings steadily decrease, especially since the Super Bowl Fiasco. Has anyone else seen this as well? Come share your triumphs and your miseries with working for KGB!
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@jterrock (277)
• United States
14 May 10
I have worked for kgb in the past. It is a pretty good company to work with, it is just like any other company. The more you do it, the more you make. Sometimes you only make like 10 or 20 cents for an answer. So, if you do it for a part time night job a few nights a week, you can make a little extra, but not much.
• United States
22 Mar 11
For the record, although I passed the test, there still is no room for me on the team.. That sucks, doesn't it? Oh, well. I just wish I could make a bit better money than I do at my current job.
• Philippines
6 Sep 10
I have tried their challenge test up to the certification process. But I failed the certification process telling me via email that my work did not meet the Quality Agents' standards and their company has decided that I am not allowed to even reapply. I think they don't make considerations, after wasting time training and practicing their platform that's all they can say and as easy as that huh!
• United States
28 Aug 10
I have tried to work for KGB, passing the little test, and all, but I was told in an email that all positions were currently full, and I'd get more info once some positions opened up. Do you know if that typically takes very long? Like, do people often drop out of KGB, making room for new people?