Work in a foreign country?

May 12, 2010 3:29pm CST
Many people are without a job right now and it's quite difficult to find a good job for most of them. Would you move to another country to find a job? Which country do you think is one of the best at the moment for working?
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@rudyro (110)
• Romania
12 May 10
Hi Camomile I personally consider that a person should take into consideration all possible solutions in order to improve his life and the life of his family. If this would mean to pack my things and take a plane in the next 2 hours, I have no problem with it. I'm a bit afraid of what I may found there, I'm a bit afraid that it will take some time to adjust, yet for my family I'm ready to do anything. Taking this into consideration I think that if you get a serious/decent/great offer from another country, don't think twice. Think at your dreams, at where you stand now and where you want to stand in 10 years. Which country is the best? Well it depends your own values and ideals, on your own skills, on your own personality, etc. For instance if you are a Medical doctor, I won't suggest USA (as you have to take some exams in order for your medical degree and this may last for whole months/years) but instead Australia, Canada, UK, etc (where you can practice your job in the first day you signed your contract). In this moment I think the best countries to work are those which weren't severely affected by the financial crisis or at least less exposed to financial instruments or those that implemented good anti-crisis measures (Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Finlad, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Northern Italy, Canada,Turkey, China). I won't suggest U.S.A, Russia, U.K, Spain, Southern Italy, Brasil, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Baltic countries, South, Central and Southeastern European Countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria,etc)
• Germany
13 May 10
Wow, it's a very complete and nice answer. Thank you for your response.
@Cherryd41 (1121)
• United States
12 May 10
HI Camomile No I wouldn't want to work in a foreign country I like the good ole USA however I wouldn't mind visiting a foreign country and even working for a little while like a couple weeks if I had the type of job that required it , but when the job was done I am ready to come back home! But in answer to your question regarding which country I would work in I would have to say Puerto Rico although not really foreign to the USA it would be one of my first choices
@mejofin (42)
• India
13 May 10
i will first try to find job on my country if i couldn't then i will move to another country to find a job and for job the best country is gulf....
• China
12 May 10
I will not work abroad right now i am studying abroad. After complete it i will go back home and will do job there. Particular country is best for particular job. Usa is best for some job and china is batter for some another job. I think Malaysian is best for working now. But batter you do job in your country which is best then another country.