DonkeyMails Manual Surf?

United States
May 12, 2010 4:54pm CST
Hello! I was just wondering, for those of you that use DonkeyMails as a PTC and PTR site, do any of you also use the manual surf to for credits or to try to win the money they say you can win? And if so, have any of you actually won any money on their manual surf program? I just started using it today but so far I haven't hit any bonuses and I was just wondering if anyone on here had. Thanks!
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@topffer (36613)
• Singapore, Singapore
12 May 10
Hello, I am using the manual surfer since more than a year and the bonuses are rare : generally 3 or 5 credits ; 0.1 or 0.25 cents. My best bonus was 5 cents. You can't win any bonus if you have not surfed 50 pages. The 2:1 ratio is not very attractive, but I like the fact that all your credits are burnt the same day, as the surfer is popular. Actually, you can get around 150 credits each day. I send them to No-Minimum which has also a free PTP and I am able to be paid every month by No-Minimum by using this surfer.
• United States
13 May 10
Thanks for the information! I'm also a member of a No-Minimum so I think I'll follow your example and start using my credits on Donkeymails for the PTP for No-Minimum. Thanks!