HYIP investing sites welcomes a new SCAM ...

@gusto84 (237)
May 12, 2010 5:03pm CST
Since the 9th of may , a well known hyip website www.hyifund.com which is on the market since 5 years has SCAMED their users zeroing their accounts with an excuse of several fraud deposits by the alertpay , and the economic problems of Greece .... Unfortunately I was with them since 3 months and made cupple of investments without cashing out money with hope to doo that when I arrive to a cupple of hundreds of dollars to make an unique cashout ... and all that money is gone .... But the worst thing of all is that they have contacted my to encourage further investments on their website to continue reaping the benefits that they have to offer ... So after a small loose of cash that ive investad , i am not willing to INVEST any more money , just not to get SCAMMED again . The reason of this post is my curiosity if in myLot there are any members of HYIFound , and what do you think about this situation , and if you would still invest your cash on a website wchich has zeroed your accound of all the cash without giving you the opportunity to cashout atleast the money youve invested ...
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@bloggeroo (2171)
• Philippines
12 May 10
I was just curious with the site when I joined a few days ago. But that curiosity went away when the $2.50 they gave me on sign-up disappeared. My first reaction from looking at my zero balance. How can I justify putting my own money here when they can't even keep protect their own money from losses? Helllllllooooooo. Anybody there at HYIFund?
@gusto84 (237)
• Italy
12 May 10
I did the same as you did , joined for the curiosity . But unfortunetly when i saw the low interest grow i had this stupid idea to invest some cash ... and than again , and again .... fortunately i stopped on the third deposit , but i still had loose +/- 100$of my cash plus the interest of 1.5 month .... Well ... thats my bad .
• South Africa
15 May 10
I am sorry for you guys losing out, I use a managed forex to invest and they have $1000,00 backup insurance for each person, anyway have a look at this site its doing very well for me and I am making a living from it BUT you do have to invest a bit, at the moment they are giving a $50 signup bonus to everyone (until May 31st) and that bonus you get to keep as long as you invest withing 60 days. http://west-finance.com/?9451 check it out if you want to make good money.