How could I reactivate my Neobux account?

May 12, 2010 7:59pm CST
My neobux account has been suspended, after my wife had used my laptop and open also her neobux account in which I am also using this laptop for my neobux account. Is there any chances that my account will be reactivated? or can I register a new account? Please I need help.
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13 May 10
I am a member of neobux too and I think you will need to contact them and say what happened. If you register a new account they will just suspend that one when they find out. The reason they do it is to stop people having multiple accounts to rack up their earnings.
• Philippines
19 May 10
But how could I contact them because I can not log in to my account because they suspended it.
@akuler (3537)
• Malaysia
13 May 10
Hi rbdescartin, I do not think that we can reactivate our inactive/suspended account at neobux. I believe they purposely do that so they had some account for rent. I also had inactive account there because I did not log-in for quite sometime. When I try to log-in again, I can not access it anymore. The best way to do is starting a new account. We might lost all our previous earnings but at least we can started to earn again.
• Philippines
19 May 10
Thank you for that explanation. I now made a new account.
• India
27 Jun 10
New account on previous IP or could we purchased another computer as well new data card?
• United States
16 May 10
Your gonna have to contact them, PM me if you have any questions about any site online. I will find out about it for you and help you out. there are also paying sites on my blog that have been online and paying for years. take care and happy posting.
• Philippines
13 May 10
Try to contact to the support of neobux. And explain what happen. In the case of the TOS about the multiple account. I suggest you need to have your own static IP thats different to the one your wife is using now. You can share your laptop. but be sure both of you have different IP. or Else their will be termination.