@lomns98 (110)
United States
May 12, 2010 9:25pm CST
does anyoneo n here suffer with depression. if so is it possible that we can start a discussion group about it? I know majority of the times, it does nothing to really speak about depression for some people but maybe being able to start a group and gather ideas, thoughts, and opinions about it may help.
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@joanick27 (142)
• Philippines
13 May 10
I know that I am suffering from depression. I've been a lot few years back. I am happy now but a part of me is still shouting. I don't know but even if I am happy, suddenly I will feel angry and find myself crying. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's been years but it keeps on coming back again and again. Honestly, I will sometimes pinch myself and I hate myself because I didn't do anything. Is this depression? Most often I will cry and think about everything that happened. Sometimes, I feel sorry for myself.
• China
13 May 10
Of course, my friend! "Depression "is human's daiy diet,when u prevail it, it can become u friend, because he is always accompany with u! If "depression" perplexs u, it can be a enemy ,will bother u day after day! so, the critical point isn't depression itself, but, we, our human! It's the human themselves who make them unhappy or not! so , my friend, cheer up, depression is come up everyday, we can't exile it, but we can learn to regulate ourselves, to adapt to "depression" up until one day, we even don't regrad it as "depression" !
• India
13 May 10
YES anyone who says he/she never suffered from depression is bluffing. [b] If you really are successful in making a group about that, or open a separate forum for discussing about depression, you will be exceeding the bandwidth limits and webspace limits very soon.. Because, in today's life style, and speed, depression is one close companion. But, it is important not to avoid depression. It is the strength and will-power of each individual, as also the friends' of the individual .. together, which should bring him/her out of the blues in no time. Hope to discuss more, on case to case.