Poisonous Snake Bites

May 13, 2010 12:54am CST
If your child is bitten by a poisonous snake ,he needs immediate medical attention.call the doctor or take the child to the hospital.if you can,kill the snake and take it with you for identification.it is important to identify a snake so that correct anti-venom can be given.activity causes the poison to spread,so keep the child as still as you can until medical help arrives or you cab get to the hospital.keep the bitten part of the child's body in a lower position than the heart.the best way way to treat the bite is to apply pressure to the bitten area together with keeping the limb still.firm crepe bandages can be used,but you can improvise with strips of clothing,and splint the whole limb.about 95% of snake bites occur on the arms and legs.so friends,have you ever been bitten by a snake?what was your experience?do you have have more advices to give?
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@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
13 May 10
yes take the doctor to the hospital .. but what if the snake is not in the custody
• Ireland
13 May 10
i have never been biten by a snake and snakes really make me feel horrible,i wonder if i will be too afraid to move in front of a snake.theres a ancient saying in my country if u r biten by a snake u kill it and drink its blood then u will recover from the poison. it really makes me feel thrilled
@eil_noz (963)
• Philippines
13 May 10
Snakes have really poisonous venom that can really kill a person in a few minutes or hours depending on the type of snake that had bitten by you. I guess in addition to the first aids to do is for example you and your friend were the only people in that place and no supplies that you can avail upon pressing the bitten area you can sip and spit the blood that can be drawn in the bitten part of the person to lessen the poison that can go through his body, sounds not pleasing but it can really be done to save one's life while waiting for medication
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
13 May 10
Regardless of child or adults, anyone bitten by the snake has to be sent to the hospital immediately for treatment.. And u are right, if it's possible, try to catch the snake for the doctors, so that they will know how poisonous is the venom and be able to give adequate treatment to the victim I have tried to catch many snakes before, and i'm lucky so far, without having being bitten by any.. hehe
@tina256 (190)
• China
13 May 10
i am so curious that i was dream of green snake bite my arm last night ,and today see the discussion of yours .it is so strange . in the realitic worlk ,i have boten by snake so far .i am so scared about the snake ,the snake will make me crazy ,maybe .i hate them . but i know a friend was boten by the snake ,it is so creepy that his leg was too tumid to move .and he just stand the pain .and at last ,is the "snake grass"(i dont know exacly what is it name ) ,put on his wound ,and then getdetumescence slowly . that was happened when i was a child and it is in my mind till now .that is a special experience .
• Philippines
13 May 10
yeah right you must bring him immediately to the doctor cause some venom can kill your child in as fast as 24 hours or even just a single hour.. you can also put a tourniquet some inches from the bitten part so the venom will not flow the blood stream that fast..