@lomns98 (110)
United States
May 13, 2010 10:57am CST
what is your favorite kind of music and which music relaxes you?
4 responses
• United States
14 May 10
My favorite kind of music is progressive rock. Love progressive rock love all the cool keyboard sounds they use its art. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd Rush And Dream Theater. Even though i listen to Dream theater now a lot more then any other band obsess with them lol.
@borg246 (541)
• Malta
13 May 10
I know I might get scruntenized for this, but I enjoy listening to sweet calm classical music. Whenever i'm stressed or what to get over something bad that has recently happend to me. I find classical music very relaxing. I also like orchestra, especially the violin and piano. Suprisingly, not many people my age like this type of music, but for some reason..I do. I regurarely watch it on tv, I especially enjoy those made on the 31st december (those on television).
@tluanga (768)
• India
13 May 10
well i like almost all kinds of music ranging from pop to rock, but mostly ill listen to pop, hiphop and soft rock, i do like some alternative band also.
• United States
13 May 10
I love all kinds of music, from A to Z. Just the other day, someone (my husband) (shish shish, he doesn't think i know) stuck a "Lakeside" cd in my van's cd player and it's stuck in there. At first i was mad, but boy do i enjoy listening to it, especially "I want to hold your hand". I'm guessing before the weekend get's here, somebody (my husband) will make it their duty to get it out of the cd player and toss it! I'm sure that he's sorry to have even found it.