twilights Bella Swan

@Jeanii (80)
United States
May 13, 2010 6:02pm CST
you have all seen twilight but did you ever notice how helpless balla swan is and today on oprah if you saw she talked about how uncomfeertable it is because no one likes her but everyone goes crazy over jacob and edward of course you a whiney hgrl no one likes you get over it shes amost getting to be like freaking hannah montana and we do not want another one of them!!!!!!!!!!
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@labea17 (443)
• Philippines
31 May 10
I mean, who would get crazy about Bella? I've read all of the four books and I did not like her at all. She's a selfish girl who wants both guys for herself. tsk. What a selfish brat.
@Cherryd41 (1121)
• United States
15 May 10
Hi Jeanii I didn't see the Oprah show but I did see the movie Twilight I really didn't think it was all that, and your right her character was kinda whiny and there was just something about that way she speaks in this kind of broken sentences through out the movie I felt her character should have been played by something more exciting to watch like maybe Jenna Malone she is around Kristen Stewarts age I think the character ALICE in the movie Edward's sister would have been good at that part But like you said she did act so helpless and she came across boring and uninteresting
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
14 May 10
maybe it is psychological that makes she felt that way. most of the viewer is girl and women. then there is no wonder if they got crazy with edward or jacob. if they are crazy with bella, there must be something wrong right?