AGAINST ALL ODDS for the sake of LOVE...

New Zealand
May 13, 2010 10:20pm CST
Statement fan pages are very "in" now on facebook perhaps because some of these pages can actually express those feelings we have or we had that we couldn't just say out loud and I've found this page called "I was ready to give up everything just because I fell in love" that probably most people who are in love or have been in love could relate to, though sadly it has only 5 fans and 3 posts at the moment so to those who can relate I'm promoting it just visit this link: and one post also links to a website called "drop everything for love" which hosts videos that are also very interesting, to see for yourselves visit the link on the fan page. We gotta admit some of us, perhaps at least once in our lives had the same thought of leaving everything behind us just to spend the rest of our lives with that special someone. Well personally I'm guilty of that, that's why I found this page interesting. I was young, well I still am, I'm just 21. Lol! Anyway, back then I had a gf who I thought was everything to me, but before I even met her my future was already planned. My parents had a concrete dream for me and young as I was I had my mind set on that dream until she came into my life and changed my perspective. So I thought I'd be willing to do everything just to be with the love of my life because I believed that to spend the rest of my life with her would be heaven and to lose her would be hell. We started hoping and dreaming together, we even had a key chain that symbolized our dream house. So we pictured the rest of our lives together, with a good career and a happy family. But sometimes when you think too far ahead and things don't go the way you planned it to be, you are crushed because it feels like your whole world is falling apart. Then you ask yourself, if I had given up all that, would it have been worth it? Maybe yes, maybe no but the answer lies within yourself. But as for me, I realized I was too young to decide to give up everything for the sake of love, I have not yet acquired the wisdom I would need to survive life if I took that risk to defy all odds to be with the special someone. How about you what's your story?
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