May 14, 2010 5:22am CST
Off lately i have started having problems in cashout from a PTC called palmbux. This will be my 3rd payout if i do ever get it. My 2 other payouts were really fast and prompt but this payout is becoming a pain for me. I just cant request for a payout as the system keeps saying check our FAQ for the new payout rules and the rules that they mention I cant understand. I have reached my payout and when i request it they ask me to try again at 12:00 am ET and once also waited for that time and tried but still did not get my payout. Please friends help me in this problem. I had a lot of hopes on this site and hope it does not let me down.
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@topffer (36139)
• Hamburg, Germany
14 May 10
Hello LarryNicholas, The payout is effectively opened during a few hours beginning at 0:00 am server time. Palmbux server is actually at GMT+2 ; India time is at GMT+5h30 ; so you have to log at 3:30 am in your country to get your payment. Another rule since a few months in Palmbux is that you must post your payment proof in their forum to get next payment. Have you did it ? I left Palmbux after a cash out a few months ago, not because they were not paying but that was a too slow earner for me. Have a nice day.
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• India
15 May 10
Hi, I have never posted any payments proofs in the past so how do i do it buddy. Can u pls help me....
14 May 10
Topffer is right, you can cash out few hours beginning at 0:00 am server time. I am from the Philippines and I made my cashout at exactly 7 in the morning... The payment is instant!