Taking a bath after workout, bad or good for the body?

May 14, 2010 9:22am CST
Hi guys and gals, im 16 years old, and im now into bodybuilding, i started working last year, so i was wondering, does taking a bath after a workout is advisable?
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@picjim (3003)
• India
14 May 10
Not immediately.I relax for about half an hour and only then do i take a bath.I feel one should definitely have a bath after finishing workout.But the only condition being there should be a gap before we take a bath.
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@momof3kids (1903)
• Singapore
15 May 10
If you are in a hurry, you should dry off the sweat first before taking a shower. Otherwise you should dry off the sweat naturally. I haven't checked where you are from but if you're in a humid and hot country like Singapore, having a shower when the sweat is about will cause fungus to grow. Sorry I cant remember exactly what fungus but I used to wash my face when I was sweating (when I was a younger) and it grew fungus which looked like spots on my face. Luckily theres a remedy and I went to the doctor for this and was prescribed an ahcohol based thingy to apply on the spots.
• Philippines
17 May 10
im from philippines and its extremely hot here, thanks for the advice :)
@de_toya (2434)
• Indonesia
18 May 10
Take bath after get some exercise is not good for our body. Let your body cooling down before you shower. Our body is very sensitive. Think about this analogical. What happen if very hot glass flashed by cold water? The glass will broke. It is similar with our body. Wipe your sweat and let your temperature down but don't let it down so fast. For example, don't use cooling fan or in the room with cool air conditioner. Let it down slowly. I hope my advice will useful for you.
17 May 10
A shower is a better choice and dry off before showering. A bath can be taken if you prefer- just wait half an hour. A bath is good if your muscles are aching after working out.
• China
14 May 10
I don't think it's a problem to take bath after a workout. I am a doctor,for myself,I like take bath after sports and swelling,that's make me feeling well.
@monkeylong (3147)
• Guangzhou, China
14 May 10
Yeah, as far as I am concerned, I think it will be better for us to have a bath after we have rest for some time that we come back from our work. Then if you just go to have a bath immediately, it will do some bad to you body health then. To keep a good body health, may just choose to bath later. Have a nice day.
• United States
14 May 10
It can't hurt anything I don't think! A shower after working out washes off all the impurities that you worked out during your work out! Plus you'll smell better!!