house wives

United States
May 14, 2010 2:20pm CST
Have you ever watched desperate house wives? I have and they are always doing crazy things. One time one of them snapped and got a gun went to the store and held them up because she knew her husband was having relations with someone else and snapped. I would snap , but not on Innocent people who don't need to be involved with the situation. To me that is crazy. Luckily no one got killed. I wondering after watching this show how many woman and men actually get angery and became like these people on this show. Even kids act up like in one episode this girl didn't like her mom much and tried to tell a case worker that her mom wasn't be nice to her at the end of the episode her mom told her that she would put her up for adaption if she sosn't stop. These things are just some of the things that make me wonder because now a days people are strange.
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