United States
May 14, 2010 2:36pm CST
Have you ever seen horror fest were they have people from any were make a movie and they can put in stores and air it on tv if its one of the best? It is neat I watched some of those and people are creative. Lets say you won a contest were they would help you make your very own movie and air it if lots of good reviews they would give you a contract for a month to make films and if you became a hit they would keep you in the perducing game. What would the first movie idea for this film starter? I would probably go for one of my favorite thems vampires. They would be after me because I was born as half. I had the power to kill the head with my strength. The legend has it born from a half breed made me hold the key to killing the one in charge. I didn't know that unitll I had dreams that were real and finally became realty. I could dream and go to places to the vampire realm. Thats just a start.
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