what are some characteristics of your personality when you in the office

May 14, 2010 11:13pm CST
last day I have a conversation topic about what are some characteristics of your personaity.well,for me.I think maby I could use several words to decribe myself:kind,hardworking,responsible,honesty(hehe,in fact I just want to say some good points of myself) And one of my friends asked me :"are you introvert or extrovert?"I think it was a simple question,cause there are so much many differences from introvert and extrovert.If you are share ,quite,and speak little,that you are a introvet person,and if you outgoing,speak loud,and easy to approch,that you are a extrovert person.After a short thought ,I answered:I think at home I am extrovert ,I like talking to my friends ,I like make friends with all kinds people.and I can get well with others.But ,I am introvert in the office.cause I don't want to say much words when works.I want to be a person that highly metured and lever headed.And you know although I was young,but now I work as a supervisor of our department.so I must keep seriousness and never tell jokes.Or the staff maby think I was inmature,and you know the result. perhaps there was a other word to decribe myself when in the office:neutral character. And what about you,did you different from your apperence and spirts when in the office,just for doing job well?
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@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
15 May 10
One need to be flexible and adaptable to play his/her role depending on the situation and surrounding environment where he/she is placed. One may seem to be more free and extrovert while leisurely passing time among friends and family members. But work environment demands different behavioral traits and manners that suits to the people around and the work situation. It is important how to control and balance one's behavior,in a most effective way.
• China
15 May 10
I agree with your opinion,I think in office we need to think much,just to keep balance.A steay fellow always get promotion in the office.