small labtop but works like a charm?

United States
May 15, 2010 1:24am CST
Mylots i have a small labtop but it works so well. What about you do you have a tiny tiny labtop like me does it also work as well as mine?
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• Philippines
15 May 10
i have a small laptop and it works really really well but i'm planning on buying a teeny weeny chinese laptop which i can bring around everywhere my current laptop is an 8 incher i'm looking to buy a 5 incher hehehe
• United States
15 May 10
haha nice even though the small labtops work they are pretty slow that is the only flaw with mines but then again i can carry it so easy
• India
15 May 10
laptop are pretty slow compared to pc. as far as i am conserned laptop is only for buisness purpose
@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
16 May 10
So yours is a netbook, I gather. It is small and compact and pretty easy and convenient to be carried around anywhere and everywhere; which is awesome. I might consider buying a netbook but like you said, it might be a tad slow, so it won't be so good an idea after all. But I agree with you; super easy to carry netbook everywhere.
@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
15 May 10
ah I like you shared about that? so you are saying you have a mini or notebook laptop? Do you find it access the internet fast enough? What are the limitations you experience? I was going to buy one and felt that for only 100 more dollars I could get a standard more capable laptop, bigger screen display and keyboard comfort, and technical capacities. AT the end I ended up getting an all in one desktop. I love it, the CPU is all in together with the screen. It even has a dvd player/ writer.