Never thought I would have anxiety

United States
May 15, 2010 9:18am CST
When you are young, you never think that some things are going to happen to you. I was one of those kinds of people. My mom had problems and I thought I am strong this will never happen to me. It has. Around the first of the year, I literally fell apart. Going to work made me sweat and any type of conflict made me want to throw up. My mind was in a fog all the time. I couldn't remember from one minute to the next what I had done. Then everything goes through your mind. Am I getting alsheimers? Am I going nuts? Be sure most people will not understand because they can not feel what you are feeling. So most of the time they think you a just whining. If you have anxiety and are in this situation. Talk to you family and your friends so you have some kind of support. It is hell to go through.
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
6 Oct 10
Stress is overloading the mind with multiple thoughts or pressures, that the mind or brain cannot able to we burst out in anxiety and tension.
@evepin (723)
• Philippines
16 May 10
i've always had those anxiety attacks and depressive/emo moods, and i know that it's not helping my sanity an health - mental and physical-wise. yes some people think one is whining but it really is something deeper.
@cyrus123 (6383)
• United States
15 May 10
You just never know what's going to happen to you the older you get. I'm not a doctor or anything, but it's possible you might have an anxiety disorder. You said going to work made you sweat and any kind of conflict made you feel like you wanted to throw up. It's hard for me to talk to my sister who lives up the road from me because she has so many health problems, herself, and I just hate to worry her with my problems. She's always so negative about everything and talking to her just makes me feel worse. Your memory loss might be due to normal aging. I'm 58 years old now and my memory is not as good as it used to be. My mother had alzheimer's and when she was younger, she didn't think she would ever get this way.