United States
May 15, 2010 12:49pm CST
myths are always exciting to here because they can be strange and have that effect of shock. When I hear a myth I like to know if its true or not. Their is this show called urban legend and I like it. It will tell you myths that are spoken over time. They will tell you if its true or not. I hear lots of myths and want to know if its true. Well with this show I may here one of myths and next time know that its false or true. Awesome show.
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• Philippines
17 May 10
hi? i dont know if urban legend and myth are true, but i love reading fiction stories. especially the greek mythology, story about vampire until now, we don't know what is true. other say, vampire came from transylavia, romania. but as we notice, in the movies vampires are modern too. like blade, they call him daylight, because he is the only vampire can walk under sunlight. whether its fiction or non-fiction, the point is very intersting stories and love to hear. well, these kind of stories bring mind soo imaginable.