Which is the best web browser.

May 16, 2010 10:53am CST
Hi friends, As increase in every day technology, we are getting so many technological things. Web browser is one of them. There is very big list of available web browser. Out of this, which is the best one to use. I am using Mozilla, i like to use it. I have tried Explorer and Google chrome, but i think mozilla is better than two. Happy Mylotting. Have a nice day.
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• Las Pinas City, Philippines
16 May 10
i am also using mozilla, before i used explorer but im more satisfied with mozilla coz i never experience being hanged while browsing the web i just don't know now if explorer already improved their browser.
• India
17 May 10
Ya, you was correct friend. Because when i used IE, i had some bad experience of hanging.
19 May 10
yes i also agree with ur openion. MOZILLA IS the best as it have more options than any other browsers. The option means the adons that the mozilla have are gr8. I LOVE MOZILLA FIREFOX.
• Philippines
18 May 10
I think FireFox is the best web browser..It has a very user friendly interface..It also has a cool feature in which you can manage Add-ons for your browser..You can change the theme of Firefox to make it look the way you want it..And the best reason why I think Firefox is the best among the current web browsers is that it's quite well balanced..By that, I mean it's fast, but does not neglect aesthetics and it does not consume that much RAM which could slow computer performance..