how much more longer will it take to cure the world..

United States
May 16, 2010 10:59am CST
I sometime wonder is there a way to clean up the world? What if some animal or creature could live off of dirty water and can keep it clean? you know i remember when i went to a seminar of how important and danger sharks can be for the ocean. i remember how hard it is to keep a bird from turning black after it been exposed to or swallowed the chemicals that in the water that kills the animal and human if we drink the water that contaminated with the oil spill. I begin to think what if we could sprinkle an igredient in the pacific like we do when we make dressing would all the oil center and then we be able to scoop it up and store it else where and try to get the pacific clean up.. not only do i start to care for the world, that i recycle things, that i worry about the people that live in area and they are homeless and rely on fishes that are in the gulf and no longer can fish there but move to another location.. it hard it devastating and the next thing i know i dreaming of the world crumbling before my eyes it scary.. .. how much do you care about the world u wish you could find a cure to the oil spill.. and why did such a thing happen like this.. ugh it just horrible and it hunt me... do wonder how long it will take to clean up the oil in the gulf.?
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@ann101 (519)
• China
22 May 10
The oil spill is a desaster to the animal around the area.One man's strenth is small but the entire human can do so lots of things to hurt the world.Hurt is easy but it's easier said than done to make up the hurt.