balik bayan box " the box of hope"

@maxyl12 (239)
May 16, 2010 10:26pm CST
With the smiles, joy, excitement and thrilles - As expected I am filled with mixed emotions like Flipinos who often receives their balikbayan boxes from their relatives abroad. Inside the box there are a lot things. There are imported goods and products which are not commonly found in an over the counter store here in the Philippines. Most especially are the chocolates, those were my favorite ( I even hide those for myself hehehehe). But there is more than just a balikbayan. For me, its not only for the intangible things that we see, touch or smell. Its beyond its meaning, the balikbayan box reminds me the things that that leaves on my life that cannot be seen. It can only be felt. I can say that I am fortunate. I have two sister's working abroad. The often send balikbayan box if they can. I received things that I need, like shoes, clothes and stuff. They even send us financially to finance my study. Because of their help, I finished my college education without having problem due to financial reasons. I can say that most of our relatives who works aboard are generous. They are thoughtful and shares what they can (share's the blessing's lol). The memories that I have is gratefulness. Not only they just send the boxes to us but financially and I felt so secured when I just studying. They support not only me in education but also for my elder brother as well. Think what a fours year course in college could costs ( very expensive ) and how one's grate achievement will have ( priceless )if one finishes it. I also hear a lot stories to my friends and classmates. They also have a financial support from their relatives. Its good that they too can achieve things with the help of their relatives abroad. I miss my relative abroad. Especially in attending recognition and graduation rites. For me, seeing them in the crowd makes me feel happy at all that all sacrifices the done for me paid off. I wont be truly a person right now if it were'nt for them. They let me have an extra miles in achieving those goal I like to reach. It also causes me pain seeing them go and even accompanying them to the airport, which give a sad feeling knowing they had to leave. But I'm already used to it, that is way every time they are here, I spend my most precious time with them. Some may think that living and working abroad are rich and abundance in life. I some way yes but in some cases, it's not. Half of their stories narrate the loneliness during winter, their adjustment to their co worker with different cultures, the long hours they work and the sacrifices they take just to be able to send financial needs to the family ( in Philippines ). In reality reminded me that it pays to live in wisdom on how good the effort, money, sacrifices that my relatives had offered me in return for an honest and good life after college. I value and cherished the hard-earned money they sent and put it in good use. That's why most balikbayan boxes are filled not only with things that would be temporarily used, but also with things beyond materials ones.
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