Health versus Wealth

May 17, 2010 12:05am CST
A lot of people today are earning big but "decaying" big time as well. They earn in preparation for their hospitalization in the future. Jobs like Call centers, can kill a person softly! On line work that requires you do be log in until the wee hours of the night is an example too. So, how can we strike the balance here? Are you one of those who earn today for your hospitalization tomorrow? Let us work Wisely!
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• Philippines
17 May 10
i think i will consider my work first.. it's just the nature of life where when you are old you can't work that well.. and it's just normal that your health will be bad when you grow old.. let's face the truth will you survive and be healthy without going to work for money.. and of course if you think or consider first your health and work when you are in your 40's will you still be able to work that good than working when your still in your 20's,... just think of it.. always grab opportunity when it's there.. remember we are not going to be strong in our future if we are just going to care for our health now. its just that even how much we do care for our bodies it will soon weaken so work and do your best when you can.. don't let opportunity passed by.. but always think that we are given brain so we can think of the right thing, of course we will not work all day we will still be eating and sleeping.. its your decision how to be balance your lifestyle..
• Czech Republic
17 May 10
i agree on you my friend.. i think your post should be the best response..
• Philippines
17 May 10
Thanks for the comment. I got your point Z, but just one comment though. I dont think it is natural to get unhealthy when we grow old. The saying "you will reap what you sow" is timeless principle. so, the challenge is, we should strike the balance or we should put the right priorities in the right
@Brook909 (111)
20 May 10
I agree with you,we must work wisely,yes,of course,we really need money to live now and for future,but I think we needn't earn money by selling our lives.
@divitiae (193)
18 May 10
Isn't that perfect? People contribute loads in the form of tax when they're young and then they contribute even more to the economy by spending when they get old. It's all progress.
• China
17 May 10
Now I work for a company which engage in garments export.Everyday I sit in the front of a computer and face the radiation,which is so harmful to my skin and my healthy.But I need this job,oh
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
17 May 10
You are exactly right so many people are working late at night or early in the morning just to earn more cash. I don't blame this people with our present financial problems and shortages of high paying jobs available people tend to push their physical limit up to the breaking point. But what can we do about it it's the only solution. Because if don't work hard our earnings is not enough.But then it's really sad to realized that what you might earn extra maybe towards your medicine or for hospital bills in the long run. Ironic yet so true.