Yer Pet`s Name a Curse?

@tessah (6621)
United States
May 17, 2010 6:48am CST
was reading an article this morning about vet`s reactions to ourpets names, and it got me to thinking just what were the reactions to my own pet`s names.|htmlws-main-n|dl3|link4| throughout my life, having grown up on a farm, animals were a constant, and their names were always rather unique, starting with a cat named Hector Booze when i was just a toddler.. down to my recently lost beagle named Baskerville. ive never gone in with the generic "fluffy" or "bandit" names and always put great thought into them. what about you? what do you have or have had for pets and why did you choose the names they are branded with?
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@debsgw (256)
24 May 10
I never thought about vet's reactions to pet names before but I guess they come across so many they are bound to get bored with the most common ones - we always try to match the name with the pet when we are christening our pets and sometimes we are more inventive than others :) All of our pets at the moment have pretty unmemorable names but we think they suit them and there's a bit of a story behind each one lol
@med889 (5958)
17 May 10
My cat's name is Zeebaw and I got two dogs whose name is Jack and Sam. Once I called Jack and a man turn to me to say "Yes" so I was really embarrassed because I could not tell him who was I calling and I caould not call my Dog again and same happen with Sam so when keeping a name we should be very careful also, So my cat got lucky enough as no one is named Zeebaw as far as I know and the name is very rare.