May 17, 2010 8:12am CST
my bests friends birthday is coming and still i cnt find the perfect gift for her. i asked her "what do you want as a present?" she'll just answe that its up to me.. can you give me some suggestions?? please??
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• United States
17 May 10
If you can afford to buy a good candle. Then find yankee candle store and buy her a nice scented candle to put in her room. If you like movies buy her favorite dvd and buy some pop corn. If all else fails get her a card and put $20.00 in it she may need the cash more than a gift. Areopostale has nice t shirts buy her two if you can.
• Philippines
17 May 10
i like your suggestion.. but, it'll be in her debut.. its her 18th bday and its this may 22.......
• Philippines
3 May 11
I suggest you go out with your best friend and treat her on that day. You can go to a spa or a beauty salon. We usually give things as a gift but I agree with Topheru that we can do something different as a gift. If my best friend will treat me in a spa for a whole body massage, I will really appreciate it.
@Topheru (24)
• Philippines
1 May 11
Think of the things that your bestfriend likes or she's interested with. For example, if you're bestfriend likes reading, give her a book of her favorite author that is not yet included on her book collections. Most of the girls like hanging-out with their girlfriends (I know it because my wife and her frineds like it) you can treat her to a spa and have a full body massage.
• China
30 Apr 11
If she is your best friend,whatever you give her as a present.She will happy and happiness.So just give a present what is you hard to pick the gift.I think she will like it and thank you very much.By the way,happy birthday to your friend. Good luck to you.
@neleene (55)
• Philippines
22 Jun 10
give what your best friend can use, just be practical on what you will give. I guess through that kind of present it will let your best friend remember you where ever that best friend of yours may go...
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
19 May 10
If she is really your best friend you should know what she likes or what she needs or if not give her something like a souvenir that will always remind her for you.Something that reminds to both of you a place where you have been together or something special you have done.
@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
17 May 10
well, personally, i like giving 'sentimental gifts'. i remember when it was my best friend's 18th birthday, what i gave her was a book of poems. all the poems were about friendship. she doesn't really like reading. i guess i chose it because that's what i would like to receive from her. but she did read the book, and she loved it. she loved the thought that came with it. i wouldn't say it's the perfect gift, but i explained to her that that's what i chose to give to her because it represents the friendship that we share. another thing that i like giving to my best friend are her things with her favorite carton character. her last birthday, i gave her a big keroppi pillow. also, one time, i sought the help of her sister and her boy friend to find out what is the exact scent of her perfume, then that's what i gave to her. you just have to think what would make your best friend happy in giving her gifts.