Do you know what is PEOPLESTRING?

May 17, 2010 8:35am CST
I know that peoplestring is a social networking website. It's a social website that you can earn by having referrals and etc. There's no sign-up fee because it's free. I have successfully signed-up here today. I have a problem because after I earn PEOPLEPOINTS worth 40, my current earning is still 0.1, that 0.1 is from the successful sign-up bonus. Some bloggers said that if you have 100 Peoplepoints, it is equivalent to $1. I want to know what is the equivalent earnings for 40 Peoplepoints. :) Could you kindly answer this?
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• United States
17 May 10
Welcome to MyLot I am a member of peoplestring, I don't work it to much, except logging in and going to the different sites to earn points. I do add friends and check out their profiles to see what they all are doing. Actually, I believe it is more of a revshare program as well as earning from referrals. You also have to complete the survey to get the postcard they send you. Once you get that card, you need to log in and give the number that the card has on it. Once that is done, you will earn $1.50, then when your referrals complete the same process each of those are worth 50 cents, as well as earning from what they do as well. I don't know all of what or how you can earn there yet, still working on learning all of it.
@gfeef01 (538)
17 May 10
I'm not familiar with peoplestring either. would you reccomend it? (I'm uk based if that makes a difference) I hear about a lot of things on Mylott but i'm not always sure which are the best to try. given a few a shot but i'm being more cautious now. here's hoping you check back on old posts! Many thanks in advance.
• United States
17 May 10
I haven't been paid yet, it thats awhile. I am trying it out to see how it all works myself. If your not trying to make hundreds at a time sure try it out see how it works. Read the faqs on it, how it all works. Some of the things they have going on I haven't done, because of personal life. I will though to see if it increases my income with peoplestring. Just being honest here, I have heard some have been paid. So I keep working it. It is slow going from what I hear in the beginning. But that is with any business one encounters. Gotta walk before we can run.. Welcome to Mylot
• Chile
16 Jan 11
According to the statistics from, the traffic to PeopleString is slowly declining. My question is, is this a normal decline before the next surge? or this is going DOWN?? ...don't know. but doing some research I came up with this and I'm already making some $$, not much but I'm just starting. I'm really optimistic when I see some guys making over $100 daily in that kind of site. is just starting and growing like crazy. This is my chance to get in the beginning and make it big =)