Diseases worldwide and what makes the world sick ?

May 17, 2010 11:52am CST
In the United States - from obesity in Africa - AIDS and fly Miss Miss, in The Netherlands and Afghanistan - of drug addiction in Russia from alcoholism. In the public mind to any one part is attached and any disease. But is it really so? n the past, each country had its specific diseases and travelers are infections grew worldwide.Thus Spaniards discovered America, Indians are infected with smallpox, plague and many other less dangerous disease for Europeans, but were extremely deadly to indigenous population. There is a version that, in turn, the Indians were "repay" Europe with syphilis. Since that time, disease may belong to one country only conditionally. Syphilis is known as "Spanish" and "French" and "Dutch" disease. Flu and originally was 'Russian' disease and in 20 of the last century became the "Spaniard" and took the lives of about20 million people. What do you think about it? Share your opinion?
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