what do you plan?

@adequee (204)
May 17, 2010 11:56am CST
youre finishing in the college but realize that thers no job that suit for your lifestyle?what the next plan?..many of my friends end like this..they study computer science but ending working as a police contable, they study cooking but got a job as handphone marketer!..studying to be a tourist guide but choose to be a mechanic! it is crazy? i mean is ti worthy?yes we can have a better exprience but what will they be?
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@Grat15 (416)
• Singapore
18 May 10
I think that because they not . We can not always get what we want, right. I have many friends with the same situation. You know what they said, "if i know i am gone be like this....", but he doesn't neither do we. But, they have a courage, fate and strong will to try and learn something new. With hope to reach a better life.