Best anti-distraction tools.

@cbjones (1157)
United States
May 17, 2010 1:40pm CST
I like to use sticky notes, and a time jar to help me stay productive. The notes get placed around my work area. They usually contain encouraging phrases or quotes regarding the task in which I am trying to complete. Sometimes, they even have one word phrases that trigger a memory that I would much rather not go into detail about. It's somewhat funny, but mostly embarrassing to think about. The jar is kinda like a swear jar. Instead of adding money for cursing, I add money for every 15 minutes I waste watching television or do anything else that just sucks time out of my day.Working from home gives me nothing to a metric ton of potential excuses to good off, when i could be getting more work done during the week. I'm willing to waste a few half hours every day, and use the money to get some dvds or something at a later date. do you use any anti-distraction tools to help you stay productive? What are they, and what would be the best way to aplly said tools in a daily routine?
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