me, the loner

@maxen07 (887)
May 17, 2010 10:07pm CST
ever since i'm a kid i didn't have many friends. i found it hard to relate to most people because once they've started talking, i could immediately spot a shallow character. plus , i just couldn't relate to most people. i'm an awkward person, i think. i'm the quiet one in the group, the one with anger issues and the one who would easily fall for a person whom i thought of as unique and not the usual pretty boy next door. maybe i am weird but i can't help it.
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@Kikotay (74)
• Malaysia
18 May 10
I don't think that's considered as weird. You're just a naturally introverted person. Perhaps to you, having a few important friends are better than having many acquaintances you barely even know. I'm quite an introverted person as well and compared to my best friend, I'm not good with crowds, making new friends and doing sales work. It's just what you're born with. However, I'm not saying that there's no room for improvement. I guess you can try just trying to talk to more people out of your circle of friends. Or what I found myself doing was getting to know a friend of a friend and in a small group. It's easier that way. As for anger issues, why do you think you're angry?
• Malaysia
18 May 10
Yeah I agree with kikotay.You're not weird.I think many people face the same thing including me.We always get wrong with our first impression towards others who we just barely known.Thus, it's best if we try to know them better.It doesn't mean we need to like everything they do or like but by observing what is the common thing between they and us,hopefully we can be friends.That's what I do besides being alone when in a crowd. As Kikotay said, we still can improve our relationship skills as long as we want to do the improvement.From my view,it's the same with the anger issues.We will angry to things that we want to.When we met new friends,we tend to find things that can make we fill uncomfortable and without our concerns,the anger is triggered when the new friends unintentionally do things we don't like.The point is we should try to compromise when dealing with people and hoping for better relationship.
• Philippines
18 May 10
All of us are different but we can be accepted by anyone. If we just put that goodness into our hearts then we'll be accepted for who we are. I'm not that quiet. If someone talks to me i respond but most of the time i'm not the one initiating the conversation.
@sallyj (1228)
• United States
18 May 10
I too do not do the gossip crap. It makes for difficulty sometimes, but when i do have a friend it is a friend. I just lost a friend i went to school with, she got married and had two boys. My son was in between hers or should i say theirs, as my husband ended up working with them. The men got along well, us gals got along well and our boys enjoyed each other. We worked, they worked so we seldom had time together, but when we did we enjoyed it. She is going to be greatly missed. I would rather say nothing, than to say crap. Here we usually speak our piece, for there is so much to learn in this world. Something new each day.