Shoo away the shoe - Why shoes and ties this summer ??

May 18, 2010 2:11am CST
Several parents in Chennai ( India ) have appealed to the managements of kindergarten schools , not ot force their kids wear leather shoes and ties in this searing summer . According to them , there is no sense in continuing with a tradition which started when Britishers colonized India . The system of wearing leather shoes is suitable in countries like USA and England where temperature is cold for a major part of the year and the leather shoes may protect their legs from getting numb . But it is not so in India . Think of the plight of kids sweating it out in 37*C wearing them . Many parents here are suggesting that schools should not compel kids to wear leather shoes and ties and instead they can ask them to wear decent footwear . Teachers admit that ties and shoes make kids uncomfortable . They cry when it becomes sultry and try to remove the tie . So it is not a bad idea for schools to think of doing away with tie and leather shoes at least till the summer ends . So what do you have to say about this ?
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• Philippines
18 May 10
I think this law is just right. I've experienced wearing leather under a hot summer so i know how hot it is to the feet. Kids should just wear rubber shoes or something cooler when going to school.
• India
18 May 10
But school administration is very strict in India and they don't want to change from their useless traditions .