Some users are misusing mylot !

May 18, 2010 6:38am CST
I think this guideline of MyLot is the least noticed : No redirection from the profile page . And what , now the MyLot profile page acts as a free advertising place for the referral links of mylot users . Thses users fill up the profile page with their referral link of PTC sites and other banners redirecting to other websites . Some also add links of sites like bukisa , triond and their blogs and get free traffic . As per the guideline , no redirection is allowed from the profile either within mylot or to other sites . Even one of my friend's profile page is filled with ads and referral links . How this is going unnoticed for so long . Even a small discussion breaching the MyLot guidelines is immediately deleted . But what is going to happen to these such profile pages ? Are they going to prosper ? Is mylot going to turn into a place for free advertisements ? And I don't know how to take this matter to the myLot authorities so that I can report this . All mylotters , just say what you feel about this and what can be done about it . Also tell me how to contact the mylot authorities on this matter .
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@mjanakha (479)
• United Arab Emirates
18 May 10
yeah often the guidelines are not followed by some users. Usually It is seen in new users. I think they dont take time to read the guidelines. In that cases If admin could watch the new users for their postings before the users view it, would be nice.
• India
18 May 10
It is not just in new users , but many old users do it.
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
18 May 10
Mylot encourages us to post links and banners in our profile, and that is what we all are doing. It is like diana said that should mylot suspend our accounts because of our profile banners and links, then there wouldn't be many left and it would discourage new users from joining here. Just think about it for minute. How in the world are we able to get anyone interested in the sites we are doing, if we can't post anything there. Wheat we are doing, is okay, and we aren't going to be banned for doing so. It really makes no sense that mylot would do that anyway. They are trying to get members, not lose them. Good luck to you and happy mylottting.