Biggest Gun Market in the World!!!

May 18, 2010 8:59am CST
Do you know that the biggest "Gun Market" in the world "Darra", in the lawless tribal region, North-west Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan. I have been there a lot of times and guess what, I didn't see dead bodies all over the place, I didn't see people aiming their guns at everyone. Its strange for a people living in "Lawless region" and not shooting at each other, all the time. In fact, their hospitality is amazing. Their agreements are "Verbal" and they are "Men of their Words". When they would give you refuge, they would die protecting you, same rule applies to "hospitality". The only law that governs is "Pashtunwali", that is "Pashtun Tribal code of honor" and they love it and all of the matters are settled according to it. This is the same law that governs all Afghan tribes. What comes to your mind, when you hear the words, "Lawless Region" ? :)
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@keval32 (1099)
• India
18 May 10
Yeah,I have heard about this kind of market in Pakistan, I have read it in the magazine I think. I think Lawless Region is sometimes better, you have said right they are "Men Of Their Words", today in our law region there must be a people of what you said "Man Of Their Words". Sometimes uneducated peoples are best in keeping their promises. By the way nice discussion...Ya.
• Pakistan
19 May 10
All of the people their are not uneducated. They have a good number of Phd's and many are high ranking military officials in Pakistan or serving in the foreign office.