what do you know about "Visual kei"

@Aitrita (145)
May 18, 2010 12:31pm CST
hey Visual kei is a sub-genre of Japanese rock. with really good metal/(hard)rock bands if you know about it, what are your favorite bands mines are: Dir en Grey XJapan The Gazette D'espairsray Girugämesh Deluhi etc.
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@khhhaaaat (112)
• Philippines
8 Oct 12
Visual kei, like you just said is a genre and a style that often portrays eccentric clothes and elaborate style. Their clothes usually comes with intricate details and more often the guys are made-up to look a little more feminine. My Favourites are: Alice Nine - vk but with a more street style now Versailles - VISUAL KEI but going to disband/hiatus by the end of this year Deluhi - disbanded but now the other members have different projects as well Plastic Tree - an outstanding band that keeps making music after more than 10 yrs DespairsRay - disbanded but they were good Hime Ichigo - disbanded but I really love their style (like a ropponggi night club) the Gazette - nuff said. Amber Gris - they don't get much attention nor any pv but the band is good Gaudie - another less popular band, but I kinda like the voice of the vocalist ScReW - another psc company Galneryus - a great great band but they're not vk there. I still have so many but I don't know how to describe them.
• Italy
4 Aug 10
Visual kei is not a music genre, but a style (and I love it). Visual bands usually play rock, metal, othere pop, there are so many music genre for this style. Oh and there are sub style, like Oshare kei (more colorful, it brings happiness for me), angura kei, and much others. My favorite band are: Amber Bullet Alice Nine (they are not more visual ;_; a pity) girugamesh yeah LM.C dir en grey and much others! I listen like...over 700 visual kei bands, lol.