Dogs and Games

United States
May 18, 2010 5:30pm CST
I'm just gonna get right into it, because I don't know how to lead into it lol. My dog loves to play games, I mean people games. He loves to race me (up the stairs, down the stairs, outside) and he also LOVES hide and seek. When I just get home, or just wake up...or if I'm just moving to another room-I hide. And my dog Sam get's Sooo excited. He runs all over looking for me, and when he finds me it's like a party every time! What about you? Do your dogs like to play any people games?
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• Philippines
19 May 10
your dogs really love you.I love dogs and I love my dogs and they do the same. Whenever I will be leaving the house you will see in their eyes they are sad. We play games every weekend it is running. and when I get their toys and i throw it away they will get it and return it to me. I really don't know why they love that kind of game. Running with them is like an exercise to me Lol.
• United States
18 May 10
You're dog sounds very interesting! My dog doesn't do that, but I wish she did.
• United States
18 May 10 dog is a What kind of dog do you have? Sam is a black lab/great dane mix.
• Australia
23 May 10
I have 2 pure bred English Staffies & they both love to play hide & seek, tug of war & any type of ball games although they get a bit cranky when you play piggy in the middle & they can't get the ball lol.
@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
20 May 10
my mom's dog is similar, she gets too excited every time some one gets home, and loves to play catch and hide and sick too. She is very loving and acts as if she understands all, even ask to be taken out to do her business LOL
@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
19 May 10
My dog love to play a game with me. He will do any thing in his play time, his favorite is chasing me around me or he made chasing him. He has his favorite rubber toy we often use it to play, we will trow it and he he will take it and running back to us. I think he love to play with us because he feel he got our attention, and when play I usually give him a lot of praise.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
19 May 10
Not now. But in my child hood, there were so many dogs at home and all were attached very much to my life and were left a lots of good memories. Thank-s
• United States
19 May 10
Your dog sounds a lot like like our dog. She does this with my daughter. I don't do the tang game. She like to play when my daughter get home from school samantha is all over her.