If the world were to end today, what would you do?

May 18, 2010 10:38pm CST
i'm a big fan of zombie films and war flicks and this thing entered my mind last night what would you do in the last 24 hours of earth's existence? would you hug your loved ones? would you pillage and loot? would you plan for a better day tomorrow? (That is if you survive and earth does too) i'd probably be setting up a bunker and trying to get as many people organized to avoid being taken advantage of by looters and pillagers
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• Philippines
19 May 10
hi chipesterkhan i think i will spend the rest of hours living with my loved ones i will give them kisses and hugs. and i will say sorry for the things i've done.. but i think we don't need to wait for the end of the world for us to tell and express our love for our loved ones.. because there is no permanent in the world we can die in just a split second, so we must do things that we need to do when we can still do it.. have a nice day
30 May 10
I'm do hug my kids and family say I love them aven my friend and smile in the blue sky think what can I say IF I GOING IN HEAVEN OR HELL
@ifa225 (11097)
• Indonesia
19 May 10
just let die...
@med889 (5958)
19 May 10
I would be sleeping next to my love ones because if ever the world is really going to end up I prefer to be next to them to go together. I love them so much that being apart is like a punishment for me so I will be next to them.