Online Survey Sites

May 19, 2010 3:39am CST
Does anyone have an idea of the best survey sites they use to make money online? I've tried a few but none of them seem great as they are slow to make any money and you can get screened out fairly easily form a lot of the surveys you are sent or are just not sent that many in the first place..
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19 May 10
I'm a member of several online survey sites, but so far, I've found the best one to be - the surveys on this UK based site are quick and easy,paying anything from 5p to £1 (the usual for me is around 10-20p per survey). Earnings can be paid by cheque, or by Paypal, which means you can take part from overseas! There is also a version called which is for kids up to the age of 15 (I believe), and which features children's surveys.
• Philippines
27 Jun 10
My daughter just reached the £20 threshold but when we were about to cash out, we can't find the Paypal option! There was only BACS and Cheque. We don't want to reveal our bank information and we don't want it to be sent via checque since we don't live in the UK. Their FAQs said that paypal can be used, but WHERE IS IT?? PS. I tried contacting them in their Contact page since last week but we never got a reply. Please tell me if you have information. If we can't cash it out via paypal my daughter would have wasted months of her time.
19 May 10
I don't usually reply to discussion posts about making money online cause they wind me up most of the time "how make money online", "how can i get more money" etc lol, but I had this problem too!! I use a website called OnePoll now, you only get 10p per survey (up to 25p for some of them), and although I have only been with them for just over a week, I have made £7.50 already, you get something like £2.50 for signing up and 50p for every referal which is taken up. Each day I have had at least 1 survey to do, but msot days it is up to around 8 per day!!!! The surveys are VERY short, literally one or two questions for most of them, and if you are going to get screened out (which isn't often at all, I have been screened out of about 4 out of around 30 I have done!), it is after one question and not when you have gone all the way through it!!! You have to get to £40 before you can extract the money, and then it goes into a Paypal account, but at the rate I am getting surveys, even if it was just 10 a week, it would only take 40 weeks to get to the £40, even less with the referal and join up reward!!! And I have had around 20 this week I think!! It is simple to join up, but you don't get emailed ot be told there are surveys available so you do need to check the site a couple of times a day as they are often added throughout the day and not just once!! It is the only survey site I use now (they also have a cash back site which is good!), as I was getting fed up of hour long surveys for 50p or answering 10 questions and then been screened out!!! So try!