i feel safe with facebook

May 19, 2010 7:58am CST
Now I am confident with facebook. I was able set the setting of my account and privacy. I hope that I will be safe from stealing my identity and my pictures as well. I don't want to lay down all my data in there. How about you, what did you do with your facebook lately?
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@watergirl (569)
• Philippines
20 May 10
As a precaution, don't put anything you don't want people to know. My husband told me there's a program/site that can open private photos and stuff so always be careful.
@OConnell87 (1046)
19 May 10
i have set mine so that only people i have added can see my details, when you hear in the news about identity crime from facebook it is the users own fault becuase they choose hw much info to put on and there is the facility to secure your profile
@med889 (5958)
19 May 10
I have been in facebook for more than one year and believes me it is a very good site to socialize with friends and families and also to make new friends so do not worry for that anymore you are safe there. Do not put all your data if you want because there are some hackers so better you just go there to socialize.
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
19 May 10
really? but now iam boring with facebook and sometimes iam lazy to open my account in facebook. i think we must stil careful even they say now facebook more safer than old version facebook
@tap0991 (2767)
• United States
19 May 10
they have had privacy settings since they have been up and they even made them better while telling people they made them better. Most of the privacy crap they get is because people are too lazy to read what they tell you when you join or when they update settings. The only way you can get your identity stolen on facebook is if you let them. In facebook I read the the privacy settings and set them how I want to set them.