Night shift work related problems in young female nurses

@rhinarea (311)
May 19, 2010 8:34am CST
The relationship of night shift work to sleep problems and work performance was studied. It has been reported that sleep disorders caused by night shift work in hospitals affect the job performance of many nurses. it has been observed that working on night shift and the use of alcoholic beverages to help induce sleep and between working on night shift and day time will cause severe drowsiness that caused the poor performance of nurses. what do you think?
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20 May 10
its very hard to work on night shift..Especially when you have shifting in the Philippines we have shifting schedule 6-2, 2-10 and 10-6 (night shift)sometimes i do have schedules like 10 off 6,i just want to sleep during my off duty and i felt unproductive because i really want to sleep all day long. I also experience sleeping disorder when I'm on night's really hard...
• United States
19 May 10
I think that medical providers especially in the hospitals need to be on the top of their game, lives depend on them so they need to be sure if they work night shift that they are dependable