A Child's Life

May 19, 2010 7:32pm CST
I went to see my parents in my barrio at Poctol San Juan, Batangas. They are going to sponsor a wedding so I needed to check my mother's dress. IT was not too long when my sister in law, Cynthia came. I noticed that she just cried. So I asked her, what happened. She's not even starting to say a word when she burst out crying. I was so surprised. The first thing that came to my mind was that my brother and she fought last night. So I was more than eager to ask her why. Until after a while, she began talking about her nephew who were diagnosed to have Acute Leukemia. Hearing this, I wasn't able to speak even one word. I cried. This child she's talking about is a bestfriend of my son Joshua, they are both in grade IV. After like 10 minutes of silence, Joshua showed up crying also, crying silently. We didn't know he can hear us talking. To make a long story short, this child needs to undergo chemotherapy. The parents whom are all friends of mine also, are not sleeping very well, always crying, according to my sister-in-law. The question now is, to which they are asking advice and/or opinions from us is, if the family is going to have the child under chemo process. IT is not about the expenses but the issues about something like, hardly, no one heals after chemo. My sister in law came to me ask my opinion and oh my God, I can't give one. All I said was let us leave and trust everything to our Lord God. But I cannot say yes, don't go to chemo, I am not in the position to give advice, it is a medical issue. And its hard and so painful to know that someone is going to die. And I can't help but promise to myself, I am going to make a devotion for the healing of this child. God give this child a chance to live and enjoy the beauty of life.
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