Are you addicted to tea?

May 20, 2010 7:54am CST
I like to drink tea 4 or 5 times in a day. My friends told me it is injurious to health. But I cannot go without it. Do you think it is harmful to my health or should I cut the intake per day?
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@smileonstar (4013)
• United States
20 May 10
HI, I think Tea is good... what kind of Tea are you taking? I love coffee more than Tea... I think coffee is already bad to me but I just want to have it. It is my morning starter
• Mauritius
20 May 10
I do like coffee but I drink it when I feel sleepy. I like tea more than coffee. I drink ordinary tea with little milk and sugar. Enjoy your coffee.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
5 Jun 10
Well tea is good for health, but you can take 2 times a day which is healthy. Dont go for more cups.
@maxito100 (150)
• Argentina
23 May 10
if u use sugar everytime u drink tea u could have some trouble. try having tea without refined sugar or sweeten it with some honey.
@luke01 (5)
• China
23 May 10
Don't worry. Drinking tea 4 or 5 times a day does no harm to you.
@mjanakha (479)
• United Arab Emirates
20 May 10
Iam addicted to hot drinks. It doesnt matter whether it is coffee or tea I used to drink three or 4 times a day. Usually when I do mylotting there will be a cup of tea near me. I love it
• United States
20 May 10
We all have addictions. Those same people who are telling you what to do, ask them what are their addictions, especially pop. I'll drink tea, coffee, pop and hey, then there's nicotine. So see, give yourself a break.
@doormouse (4619)
20 May 10
only 4-5 cups,i drink at least 6 maybe even more some days,tea is good for you providing you don't have sugar and use semi skimmed milk,preferably no milk,i've been doing it for years and it has never done me any harm
@med889 (5958)
20 May 10
Thankfully I am not but three men in my life are completely addicted, my father who drinks some 6 to 7 cups per day, my brother who believes that even at midnight tea should be drunk and finally my boyfriend who will ask every time to make coffee. I heard that tea is not very healthy to consume because there is a possibility of having heart problem and gastric.
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
20 May 10
Yes I am addicted to tea. I drink at least 6 cups of tea in a day. I am an Indian so I drink tea with milk. It refreshes me and gives me energy to work. I don't think it is harmful in any fact if you will drink it in Indian way, with some spies and cardamon inside, then it may bring some extra benefit to your health... so don't worry.......enjoy your tea.....specially in rainy season