What are the reason for the price raise in a country?.

May 20, 2010 9:22am CST
There two main reason for the raise in the price of the commodities.One is due to the Nature.Due to the failure of Monsoon in India , the short fall of rain due to which food production gets reduced and hence price starts increasing because of shortage of food grains.Similarly , other commodities. Second reason is artificial.Artificial reasons are two.The artificial reason are commodity trading and bribery. In India , SEBI can control the Commodity trading and hence some extend this can be controlled.But, the main thing of Price Raise is bribery.This can not be controlled.No Political people are brought to book for taking bribe. Only some official who are behind the political people or without political support are caught here and there and punished.Unless, Clean Political people take control of the Country , the price can not be controlled.What do you say?
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@lakman (56)
21 May 10
When there is less production with increased demand the commodity price goes up. This canbe due to somany reasons. Change in the rain fall can be major reason,Now a days people are becoming urbanized and move to cities for jobs abandoning their villages. the govenments in that countries should see this matters. When ever price of an item goes up due to some reasons it never comes down even if that reasonis corrected.
• India
21 May 10
The Nature can not be controlled by us but we can control raise in the price by controlling the people who takes extra money for rendering his service for which he is paid.
@rudyro (110)
• Romania
20 May 10
Our days' capitalism and democracy aren't anymore attributes of a nation, of the people or of a culture or another. They mutated into political instruments in the hands of various groups of elites, rulers, etc. Is not the will of the people governing the world, but the will of these important groups of interests, who decide everything from how liberty should be defined to what is the price for a certain commodity in a certain market. Either you like it or not, free market economics is just an atavic reminiscence of the past and, despite the every day rhetoric, it found itself a nice warm place in the dustbin of history. Either you like it or not, global crisis, revolutions, wars, nuclear proliferation, price variations, stock exchange evolutions etc are designed and implemented by world's most important pupetteers. But at least some of us are able to admire their skills when playing with the political strings...
• India
21 May 10
Some elite group take control all the happenings.It is true.A change should come. I await for the day.