When the parent acts like the child...

May 21, 2010 6:52am CST
You see this sometimes - usually when the child is reaching maturity and the adult dosnt know how to deal with them - that the parent acts more like the child in situation sthe the child does themselves. Recently, before I movwed out, my parents were the ones going nuts and not wanting to have a reasonable conversationa bout anything. They just wnated me and them to skirt off responsibiilities for whatever suits them. Not cool in my opinion. Have you ever gone through or witnessed this sort of thing other than on television? I think that no matter how mad you get if you can have a simple conversation about it things wont be nearly as bad as when you went off the handle and rthings escaladed. If I can control myslef at 15, 16 years old and simmer down to have an adult conversation then why cant they?
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• India
21 Jul 10
Parents are definitely more experienced than the kids, they have seen the world much more than the kids, all parents always think of the good for their kids.. Thanks for this nice post. God bless you friend, cheers. Professor. .
• United States
21 May 10
I don't know anyone like this at all. I am sure many parents just want what is best for the child. I find that is what kids don't fully understand.