Crib shoes a.k.a infant shoes.......

@katkat (2379)
May 21, 2010 8:28pm CST
For first time mom and dad it is important to know the things that would be best for babies especially for their safety. I have seen many parents that neglected the use of crib shoes also known as infant shoes. They say that babies can't walk so it is not necessary. Very wrong. Crib shoes are made especially for new born babies up to six months old. There are many reasons why your baby need a pair of crib shoes. I started this discussion even I'm not a mom yet to help mommies and daddies find the right crib shoes. I even wrote an article about it that would be seen here Hope this would be a help to you.
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@Rysonia (310)
• United States
27 May 10
I'm sorry but your insistence that shoes in a child 6 months or younger is quite honestly your opinion. Neither of my daughter's had to wear shoes before they were able to walk, but I did keep socks on their feet to keep them warm and clean. If you wish to debate whether Infant shoes are in fact a necessity please state why you feel that is so and provide supportive documentation to that fact. As a Mother I can tell you quite honestly, those shoes are not necessary and neither of my children missed them.