How would you handle it when your friend is criticizing you?

May 21, 2010 11:38pm CST
Many times we have issues to deal with regarding our personality, our life, our home/house, our children, our everything. Wherever we go, we are always criticized by a many people. I don't know why other people always have something to tell us. Criticisms make us sometimes sad, happy and all that. But what about if the one who criticize you is your friend? How are you going to handle it?
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• Philippines
2 Jun 10
there is one kind of criticism and if you think its a constructive one be positive your friend loves you for sure and even she criticize you but giving you idea how to make it good for you.. love your friend in return.. thats what friends are for.. to be honest on you everytime whether you will like the idea or not or you will be hurt or not.
@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
22 May 10
I would take it objectively.I mean I would definetely listen to the person.And I would see if the criticizism helps in any improvement,if not.Then its fine say thanks for the concern of the person and leave it at that.I dont think taking the comments personally is going to help us any way.If its for the better take it,if not leave it at that.
@hanizah (256)
22 May 10
Criticism really makes us sad especially it came from our friend but you have to accept the fact that you're attitude is being criticized because they don't like it so you have to change those attitudes that were being criticized by your friends.
• Philippines
22 May 10
It is definitely hard and painful to be criticized on almost everything. I assume that whenever I get criticized by my friends, this is because they want me to get better. So when that happens to me, i usually give myself a silent moment to think about the things he/she has said. Try to think if there really is a problem that I do not notice. If there is, I try to change it for them. If not, I ask more questions to them why they think it is a problem. Friendship, like all relationships, are give and take. Try to learn from their criticism and criticize them as well if there is something wrong with them. But of course, over criticizing can turn out to be bullying. Try to draw a line between this. I hope this will help you out. And whatever happens, keep getting better for yourself. It is your life after all :)
@rhinarea (311)
22 May 10
I guess thats fine but they should talk to me first about the problem in my personality or what so ever, i don't like back fighters they really getting in to my nerves.