best response.....and bad feeling

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
May 22, 2010 11:40am CST
do you pick best response from the responded answers or not. i dont pick because i dont want to make other people feel bad. i think no body has the right to judge others. what about you all.
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@gfeef01 (538)
22 May 10
I think it's a eureka moment when you pick a 'best response'. I am relitivly new so the first conversation i had i picked one, but now i don't usually. I think it's an hour to bestow and when we have very little control over what's going to be posted it's nice to know that the really good ones have a reward of kind. I don't think we are judging the person, just their ability to answer the question. I'd never judge anyone from something as remote as a question response on an internet board - ok i may judge them a jerk! but not much more!
• India
22 May 10
If response really touch you or give proper explaination to your question or give proper discuss your topic. then I will choose best response. I dont think so other user will feel bad if their response is not get selected for best response. Also mylot gave this option to close the discussion.
• Philippines
22 May 10
I pick the best response sometimes. If the response is exactly right or what I wanna hear then there's a big chance that I'll make it the best response.